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  • I Think Curiosity is My Best Transferable Skill

    Over the last 10 years, I’ve been employed by six companies/organizations… seven if you count being self-employed as I am now.  These roles have been everything from full-time permanent, short-term co-op positions, and part-time contract work. They’ve spanned industries including professional sports, church ministry, higher education, government, and the daycare field.  I’ve written previously about […]

  • Learn to Communicate or Be Mistaken for a Robot

    Storytime: A few days ago, I had a really frustrating interaction with the customer support team from a food delivery service company. I won’t get into ALL the details, but let’s just say a few boxes of food were sent to my apartment while I was on vacation, unbeknownst to me, and they ended up […]

  • The One Thing I Didn’t Forget in Economics 101

    *This article was originally written for and published on my personal LinkedIn on March 30, 2022. I’m no economist. I have no particular love for numbers. And I really can’t recall the vast majority of what we covered in the two Econ classes I took during University. But there is one thing I remember, and […]

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