Money Rules are Better than Budgets

Budgeting is a bit of a four-letter word in my world. I’ve never enjoyed budgeting. Tracking every expenditure, feeling guilty going over budget, or having to say no to fun outings… Just not my thing. But despite my dislike for budgeting, I have always managed to live within my means and contribute excess funds toContinue reading “Money Rules are Better than Budgets”

Top 5 Hikes in the Tri-Cities (Vancouver Suburbs)

When I’m abroad and someone asks where I’m from, I always say “Vancouver, Canada!” Most people know where Vancouver is and have heard something about it – Vancouver is the land of beaches and mountains, the 2010 winter Olympics, and lululemon. But the truth is that I’m actually from Port Coquitlam, a small suburb cityContinue reading “Top 5 Hikes in the Tri-Cities (Vancouver Suburbs)”

One Week in Croatia: The Highlights

My last international trip before COVID-19 hit and borders closed was Croatia and England in October 2019. It was a trip to remember, and Croatia will forever be established in my memory as one of the most beautiful countries in the world and one of my best trips to date! Croatia has everything: good food,Continue reading “One Week in Croatia: The Highlights”

4 Things to Splurge On and 4 to Save On Your Next Vacation

Traveling has been a huge part of my budget ever since I started earning an income back in University while working at Starbucks. I love to travel and am happy to drop a decent amount of money on a fun trip! But that doesn’t mean I want to waste my money or be reckless withContinue reading “4 Things to Splurge On and 4 to Save On Your Next Vacation”

Apparently I freelance now.

I left my job in Dec 2020. It’s a long story, but the short version was that it wasn’t the right fit for me. I found it overwhelming and stressful, and couldn’t see myself there long-term. I was burnt out and needed a break. So I quit. I purposefully did not look for another jobContinue reading “Apparently I freelance now.”